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Double Strollers

Anyone purchasing one or have a favorite they'd like to recommend? I am trying to figure out what to do. Will have a 21 month old when the new baby is here. I think I am leaning towards a jogging stroller cause I am *hoping* to go back to running at some point and figure that may help me out. Then I have 2 friends that are saying don't get side by side cause you won't fit through doors? Also, do I even worry about the bucket/infant seat attaching to it? I have a 5 year old chicco and I am not sure it will fit many stroller...and I am thinking that they aren't in it for THAT long to base the entire stroller decision over? Suggestions, opinions? What are you guys going with?

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I have the double city mini and I love it. My ds is 47 pounds and dd is 34 and it is still very easy to push. It also fits nice thru doors. It is not a jogging stroller though. They sell an adapter to fit most baby seats but I am not sure which it fits exactly.

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That is the one I want.. it has so many different seating options I figure it will grow with the kids.

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We have this one:

It is the Phil and Teds E3 with a doubler. We've had it since we had 2 kids-- this stroller is awesome for us and we use it daily. It was spendy, but since we've had it 6 years and for so many kids, I feel like it was a good investment (and the resale values on a used one are really high!)

I love that I can steer it with one hand, that we have saddle bags to carry "stuff" for the sides, and that we can fit through tight places. It also folds up smaller than the other double we had before this one (we had that one for about 9 months before I gave up on it--that thing weighed SO much and I hated it.)

Happy shopping!

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We have the BOB Revolution double. We love it. It fits through all doors normally. It is totally worth the money. It's the easiest stroller I have ever pushed. You can get an attachment for carseats for it.

Don't get the one that the front tire doesn't swivel, it will kill your forearms. The BOB Revolution you can have the front tire fixed or swiveling.

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I love my sit and stand! But it is not a jogger. Great as your older gets bigger though, as they can get on and off easily while walking, and when my DD rides her bike and gets tired, it has enough room for her and her bike to ride Smile

Just a note on the phil and ted, I have heard people say that they had to stop using it when their youngest got to a certain age, because they wanted to look around more and cried the whole time they were in the stroller. Im sure it depends on the baby though.

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I got a BOB Revolution Double about a year ago (because my Graco Duo Glide finally bit the dust after years and years) and it is great!! It fits through standard size doors, folds easily, and steers really, really nice. I highly recommend it Smile