Dr. Appt - Been MIA

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Dr. Appt - Been MIA

Sorry that I haven't posted in a while (I have lurked on occassion).

12 hr shifts and dissertation writing has been keeping me busy. Two little girls are always thirsting for my attention as well.

Went to my doc appt today and found out that my GD test came back high. So, I have to complete a 3-hr test early Monday morning. Never had it with my other two so we shall see what this brings. In addition, the docs are worried about my heart. Found out that my TSH levels are abnormal (lack of thyroid so on meds) and have to be immediately adjusted. Basically, they stated that my heart is overworking and it is wearing itself out which can have adverse affect on me and the baby.

So, with that being said, they put me on a 4-hr work schedule and mandated that I take it easy (which I am not wired that way but will try). I haven't told my Commander yet but will in the morning. I am sure he will not be too happy but will understand.

Everyone's bellies are looking fabulous! Need to post mine soon. We are getting closer!!! So exciting!

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Please take care of yourself!!! That heart stuff is scary!!! Pushing yourself is admirable...pushing yourself to the point of injuring your heart... kind of the opposite. I hope you can find a way to take it a bit easier- like following doctor's orders! Can't wait to see your belly pic! Sure do love them!

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Ack! Well... sounds like you've been super busy. It won't hurt for you to relax a little while.. hopefully the GD test comes back normal and the meds work to do what they're supposed to... you stay healthy!

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Goodness gracious that is a lot! Good luck with the GD test and I hope the shorter days work out to help you with your heart. Is there someone who can help you with your move when your husband deploys?

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Please take it easy and stick to the four hour a day mandate. Your health is invaluable. Stay strong- that can mean putting your feet up, you know Smile