Dr. Apt today

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Dr. Apt today

I had a apt today everything was looking good I passed my glucose test. Baby heart rate was 125 and yet again I am measuring 2 weeks ahead. My Dr is sending me for another ultrasound to check my fluid. She said it could be my body or it could be that I have to much fluid. I'm excited to see my little one but nervous and hope everything is ok with the baby!!! I start going every 2 weeks now. Then they said at 36 weeks I go once a week. I cant believe we will be seeing our babies soon!!!

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Almost there!

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I agree, it is going so quickly. I, too, was dumbfounded that we are now on 2 week appointments. Yikes!

I'm surprised she is sending you for an u/s for only measuring 2 weeks ahead-- there is so much variability in fundal measurement. Enjoy seeing your peanut again!

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hurray for seeing baby again!! Sounds like a great appointment!

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Yay to every two week appts!!!!! Im almost ready to say "soon."

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Woohoo! Two week appointments already!! I don't start that until 32 weeks, so you are lucky to get to hear that baby's HB more often now!! Smile

Have fun seeing baby again at your u/s!