Dramatic change in bump-age?

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Dramatic change in bump-age?

Over this last week I feel like I've nearly doubled in size. I went from looking a little fluffy to like full-on bump. Is it normal to change so quickly? I haven't been overeating and my stomach is firm, not jiggly like fat would be. I'm feeling super self-conscious. :?

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I think sometimes we just do that...all of a sudden we are showing over night!! You are 16 weeks along...I think you should feel great about your bump!! Besides...I saw your pics and you are super tiny everywhere else...and really your bump is teeny for 16 weeks!! Try to enjoy it and know your healthy baby is growing in there....so your bump should be growing!! Smile You look great!!

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Ugh, I just wrote a long reply and somehow it got lost in cyberspace! Anyway, bottom line, yes, it's called "popping," when you suddenly start showing. I also felt self-conscious when it happened during my 1st pregnancy because up until then, my pregnancy was kind of like my sweet little secret and it still felt private, so it was weird when suddenly perfect strangers knew just by looking at me. But it's nice after a while, when you don't have to explain it to anyone anymore and everyone is just nice to you! Love your belly, you look amazing and plus, your sweet little baby is growing in there!

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Relax, you're pregnant! And you're going to get bigger and bigger! This is all a positive thing. By all means eat enough, you want a healthy baby. You'll start to love your new belly soon. I was dying to show my first pregnancy, so I was thrilled when my belly popped out.
Congrats on showing!

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i feel the same way...like i finally noticably preggo to others. 2 of my crew came up to me today and told me i looked like i noticably popped in the last week too. was sweet, told me pregnancy suited me. lol. besides that hoe everyone else said others are nice to ya, so true.

in the last week i've seen a difference in customers attitude to me. (the regulars don't flip out when i know they normally are going to.) i'm content with getting bigger! no matter if i get huge lol

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thanks ladies. I'm feeling better about it. it's something new for me to adjust to, but you're all right, this is all for the baby and that's what's important.

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I loved getting a big belly! And yes, it sort of happened overnight. It just happened to me again... although my "food bump" was bigger than I'd like starting off this pregnancy, in the last couple of weeks, I've popped noticeably, to where it is really obvious that I am pregnant, not just overweight. I'm happy, because I hate that in between limbo of other people not knowing whether or not I'm pregnant.

If it makes you feel any better, based on the last pic I saw of you, I would not guess you were pregnant in any way, shape or form. The thought wouldn't cross my mind if you weren't posting on a pregnancy board! Please make sure you are eating enough to grow a healthy baby!!!!