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Yesterday was a rough day for me. I have been stressing so much about money, school, and basically how I'm going to juggle everything once this baby is born, and I basically just exploded with emotion last night and cried for a good two hours after we got an unexpected bill in the mail. DH was great and reassured me that everything will work out just fine. Well last night I had a great dream about the new baby, and I remember very vividly breastfeeding him (it was a boy this time) which is my favorite part of having a new baby. I woke up with so many good feelings about having this baby... I wonder if that dream was my rational brain reminding my crazy of all the good feelings a new baby can bring. I feel like its helping me bond more with this baby, when before it had been a bit of a struggle because I'm so preoccupied with other things. Anyways, I woke up with a more calm outlook on things and am starting to really look forward to meeting this little baby in June!

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That's great, it sounds so positive! Money stresses and worries do tend to dominate your thoughts too much, distracting from the nice things in life. I've been having so many crazy dreams lately, some lovely, some naughty and some are just plain awful. After my last bleed I had a terrible nightmare about losing the baby, real graphic and vivid. Sucked. I too think it's your rational mind sorting through all your jumbled up thoughts and trying to make sense of them.

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That is so funny, I had a similar experience a few weeks ago. I've been so stressed out about this baby and all the things that are going to change soon. I was right in the middle of planning my wedding and trying to finish school when I got the BIG shock of being pregnant. So while I wasn't sad, I wasn't thrilled either (I know, horrible). Anyways, I too had a dream about the baby. I was laying in bed with HIM and was just staring at his little face; he was beautiful. It was simple and quick, but when I woke up I had a sudden sence of peace about everything, and now I can't wait to meet this little blessing Smile

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I have been totally stressed out ...we had to up and move in November because we were renting a house that took 6 mths for our landlord to have tested for mold since we had terrible flooding in later winter/ early spring....and it came back terribly high...so that stressed me due to health issues and the idea of having to move when we did not expect it right before xmas...then to top it off...xmas and making sure we can pay all the bills and afford to give the kids a great xmas after spending extra money to move that we again didn't plan on then we got 3 unexpected bills this month we didn't plan on...I am home during xmas break and I have 5 kids that I have to watch....who are little terrorists...I am not joking on that one...My husband wishes we didn't need the money because the extra kids are causing me nothing but stress...but we needed the extra money so i am stuck w/ listening to constant fighting, yelling, and tantrums....I swear i feel like my blood pressure is so high right now....I try hard to stay calm....