ER Visit(updated)

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ER Visit(updated)

Update...1 visit to ER and one surgery later I found out Ihad hemmoragic cysts on my overies full of blood clots. Still in hospital but baby still doing good and mama's abdomen hurts but not nearly as bad as her back did. Thanks for all the support guys!!

So my day started with an ER visit after a day and a half of increasing back pain. Good news is the little bean appears to be just find and we finally saw a heartbeat :). They didn't give me an official due date but they think I'm 6 w 3/4 days vs. 7 w 5 days. Bad news is that I have developed blood filled cysts on both ovaries causing intense pain through my back and abdomen to the point I can't get up and down on my own. After about 4 hours in the ER the doctor told me the prognosis and gave me some mild pain killers and told me to go see my RE in the am first thing - they had already called the RE's office.

SO I am an invalid. I can't roll over, get up to pee or even move my own pillows around. Anyone else experience this?

I am elated and terrible depressed at the same time. It took my hubby 30 min of shifting me around with pillows to find a place I could work on my laptop. Poor guy just gave me a shower and washed my hair so I would feel better. I do love him but I am in so much pain right now...

Thanks for letting me share. I think I have been more scared than anything the last 24 hours.


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So happy you got to hear the heartbeat!! But I'm sorry you are in such pain. Hopefully you will get some relief soon!!

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Oh, that sounds horrible. I'm so sorry! I have never experienced that, although I did develop a kidney stone with DS. It was pretty painful. Did they tell you what they will do about it? Is it related to the pregnancy? I hope it gets better soon!

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I am so sorry!!! I have a 4inch cyst on my left ovary! It pokes out of my belly... ick. I am sorry you are in so much pain. I am lucky this time... this is my biggest one but I'm in little pain. I really hope it eases up!

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Scary! Im glad bean is okay....but that sounds miserable. I hope you feel better soon!

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I'm glad you got to see the heartbeat but I'm sorry you're in pain *hugs*

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Yikes!!! I'm sorry you're in so much pain!!! But how wonderful that you have that wee heartbeat to think of!!! That is really great news! Hope you're not in pain for much longer!

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Im so happy for your news with the heartbeat!! I really hope they can fix your cyst/pain problem, it sounds awful!! Hope you feel better soon! kup!

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Im so glad they were able to do surgery and take care of this...Im even more excited for you that your baby is doing great!!!! HOpe you area feeling back to normal very soon!!

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I hope you feel better soon mama!

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Wow Danny! I'm glad they sorted out what was wrong and that you are on the road to recovery...and that baby is doing fine!!! I'm sending lots of healing thoughts in your direction! :bigarmhug:

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Wow... what a day. Happy to hear baby is doing well.

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Yay! Glad you're on the road to recovery! Smile

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So glad you got everything taken care of!! Here's to a fast recovery!!

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Feel better soon!

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