Family/belly pics

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Family/belly pics

I had a dear friend take pics of our family and my belly last night-- and she sent me these teasers. They aren't yet edited or anything--but they are fun! We were outside at a local park (and though it was 92 degrees!) the kids were pretty cooperative....


I'm eager to see the rest of them-- it was fun. My same friend plans to be here for the birth to take pictures-- so exciting!

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What a cute family, Audra!! You look fabulous!

I am a photographer on the side, and I was planning on doing birth photos for a friend of mine, too! Unfortunately, they ended up pregnant a few months sooner than anticipated! Now that she's due in early August, as opposed to October/November as originally thought, I'm not sure if I'll be doing them since I'll have such a newbie myself! But what a great gift to have! I think birth photography is amazing!

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The photos are lovely! You've got a great family. Your youngest is soo cute- those knees! Smile

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