Favorite baby item so far

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Favorite baby item so far

For those who are new to this and those who are trying something new, which products are your favorites? Also, favorite deal sites for baby stuff?

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The swaddleme, she is not always in it, but it is one way to get her to go to sleep.

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Hands down the swaddle-me for us as well; My first DD hated to be swaddled but this little dude can not sleep more than 30 minutes without being swaddled (in which he'll then sleep 3 hours stretches). I like that it has the pocket for the feet and the velcro; I can't ever get a good swaddle out of a blanket.

As far as baby shopping sites - I've recently become addicted to co-op's! From cloth diapers to clothing to shoes and more, pricing is excellent on a variety of items. I also love Etsy for hand-made items, fixing to order some cloth wipes Smile

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I love our Fisher Price Papasan swing. It's a life saver. Lily Rose takes a while to drift off to sleep, and if I've been nursing off and on for an hour I'll just pop her in the swing and she'll be out like a light!

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I love my sewfunky ring sling and my pikkolo baby carrier. I use them both multiple times a day.

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infant carrier and the travel set stroller. worth every penny. saves me from lugging a carseat around alot to his doctors appointments and when i go shopping. i always find the worst parking spot ever when we go to the dr.