Feel like I'm close...

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Feel like I'm close...

I feel like I'm really close to labor all of a sudden. Yesterday I had another round of regular, intense contractions for a few hours that were quite painful, but ended up fizzling out.... again. Since that time, I've had TONS of pressure down low, and my pubic bone feels like it's about to break apart. Baby shifted his butt/back from my right to my left side, so maybe that's why?

Anyways, I just feel like it's going to happen soon... of course, I am 1 day away from my due date, so you're all probably like DUH! Today would be nice, but I feel like maybe Wednesday is the day. I guess we'll see!

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I got up today feeling the same. I am only a few days from my due date but I just feel different like he is coming soon!! I hope this is it for us! Smile