Fetal dopplers

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Fetal dopplers

Hi again ladies, becoming a bit of a posting addict lately.. Hehe.

I rented a Doppler with my daughter and really enjoyed listening to her most days.. Thought i would borrow a friends ts time. She gave it to me 4 days ago and said give it a try when your over 8 weeks.. Most people tha know me know Im very impatient. Hha.

Anyway long story short I heard the baby!!! And have done the last couple of days. I know the different to my placenta beat and babies after listening to addisons so much. I can't believe it. It sounds like a train ths time whilst Addie was horses.l and it's around 134bpm.

Have anyone else been using a Doppler?


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Not yet but I plan on buying one when I get some extra money. I rented one with DD and used it often before she started kicking.

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Great news!! I am debating it. I rented one from heartones.com with both of mine (the first pregnancy - blighted ovum - scared me so I rented). Thinking about it!