Finally finished the nursery completely

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Finally finished the nursery completely

I can't figure out how to keep them turned vertically, but here are the photos and three extras thrown in for good measure. I'm loving being at home during the day instead of at work. It's sooooo nice to not feel rushed or like if I'm late for something that it will have a domino affect. And the time with both boys is amazing. Though my four year old is definitely missing daycare/his friends.

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Yay! Must feel good to have it done!! Looks great!

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cute turtles. Smile &i love the picture of his little smile, he looks so content.

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OMG-- Matthew is so so cute! What a little doll baby. Wow. Soak up these newborn days.

The nursery looks great, too. Poor Seth just got a used dresser moved into his brother's room--lol. No sweet nursery like yours-- I love the brown and the blue together. So boyish and cute!

If only we were all independently wealthy and we could permanently skip the whole work gig. One can dream, right?

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I love the turtle theme! And I love Matthew! Smile he's darling in the sailor outfit .
I should post a photo of Lily's corner in my bedroom. I did decorate- mint green and cherries are her scheme. Smile

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Beautiful nursery! Henry just has a corner in my office that fits his crib and dresser. I put up some cute decals though to make it look more baby-ish (just in his corner).