First bout of nausea

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First bout of nausea

So it's taken 7 weeks and today I had my first full day of morning sickness and have been miserable ALL day. I tried to eat through the nausea for temporary relief only. The worst part is my sense of smell is going overboard and everything smells terrible. How do you guys keep eating anything healthy when all I could stomach at lunch was a plate of rice. Any advice is appreciated.

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My advice really is to try to just get through it. It's hard when you feel nauseous all day (that is exactly how I was with my first pregnancy). One thing that helped me was cutting up lemon slices and having those around to suck on- one nice suck on a lemon and the nausea disappeared immediately! A friend of mine had a lot of luck with those Preggo Pops they sell (at Motherhood Maternity if nowhere else...)- she sucked on those and they helped her feel a lot better too. It feels like a long time if you struggle with the morning sickness for even 5 weeks until 12 weeks, but if you can do you best to just eat when you can whatever you can for now, you can get right back on track with super healthy eating once you're feeling better.

It's really funny- but I seriously ate the same- rice and ramen noodles A LOT until I got past the sickies. Not fun....but you can get through it!

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I've heard just to eat whatever you can stomach- You can eat "healthy" when your sickness goes away!

Also- I bought motion sickness bracelets once (for a boat trip) and noticed later they said used for morning sickness, so I bought my friend a pair of them who had 24 hour morning sickness, and she says they really help. They put pressure on your wrists (some pressure point type thing) and help you not get nauseau!

You can also just put your hands together and push on your wrists with each hand, IDK if you can picture what I'm saying so Im sure you can google it.. hehe... but the bracelets are cheap, and basically just cloth with a little half-ball type thing to put pressure there... could probably even make them!!

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Sorry that the nausea found you. I have had pgs where I am terribly sick ( ie puking many times/day) and my staples were Cheerios w cold cold milk, lemon drops, and eating protein...hydration helps too ime. GL!

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I am so sorry. I don't have morning sickness, but the smells have made me sick. I have to be very careful to get away from smells that make me sick fast.

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Ugh... I feel your pain! Nothing has helped mine so far. I eat when I can, but in the end, eating/drinking just makes me feel worse. My Dr. just prescribed me Zofran for really bad days. I don't know if I'll actually take it, but I feel better having it if I need it. If it keeps up, don't be afraid to ask for some meds.

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Welcome to morning sickness! On rough days, I skip meals. I don't even care. Most the time I can get toast and chicken soup down. Ginger or peppermint drops really, really help me. Something about sucking them helps.