First morning all by myself!

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First morning all by myself!

I made good time too! DH went to the office today (he leaves at 6am), so that meant I had all three boys by myself. DS1&2 go to a babysitter two days per week, so I really just had to get them ready with lunches/bags. It was a little difficult to juggle nursing Henry in the middle of getting the older boys ready to go, but we all made it out of the house in one piece and mostly on time!

Anyways... that's my small success of the day!

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Congrats! The little successes feel like such a big deal with a newborn Smile

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Wahoooo!!! Smile I've got bath time alone tonight...and depending on what time DH gets home, maybe even bedtime. I'm scared. Smile

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Yahoo! Good work, mama!

Trey had a softball game on Monday I had dinner and bath on my own. Luckily, he was home in time to tuck them all in. We all survived!

Glad you found your groove!

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Yay for small victories!!