First OB Appt

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First OB Appt

I had a great appointment on Tuesday - they did a surprise u/s in the office so we could see the heartbeat and get a measurement again. I am measuring right at 9 weeks (awesome growth!) and the heartbeat was around 160bpm. The baby looked perfect and actually looked like a baby this time. We could see the umbilical cord and placenta, both in great places.

He asked me if I had considered what type of birth I wanted this time, vaginal or c-section. I told him that I wanted to try vaginal and he is completely supportive! He said that they will not induce me b/c that increases the risk of uterine rupture so I have to go into labor on my own by 41 weeks. Shouldn't be an issue, I went into labor with Kaylin on my due date and dilated just fine. He went over her birth and said that her cord issues were a freak occurance and should not happen with this baby.

I talked to him about the constipation issue and he wants me to take Miralax daily, Fiber Wafers, and a Stool Softner. He said if that is my only issue, then I'm good. Ha! I wish it felt "good"...but hopefully all of the above every day will help relieve the issue.

Next appointment isn't until December (seems so far away!).

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YAY!!!! Great update! Glad you had such a great appointment and that you and the baby are healthy. Wooooohooooo!

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Yay! Thats awesome, Rebecca!

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So exciting!! Wonderful news!!

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Sounds great! Yay for a good appt!

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Glad you had a great appointment and got cleared for your VBAC! Were you able to come up with any questions for him?? Smile