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forgot about

Charley horses. I never get them and didn't even know what it was before my last pregnancy. I eat a banana a day but probably drink too much water so any suggestions for adding potassium to my diet?

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Do you get them a lot? I only ever got one during my pregnancy with DD, in the middle of the night. It was bad! I'm trying to think... my SIL was getting them a lot... and she was taking something to help with it... I'll ask her and let you know!

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I've been getting them in my feet/toes...yeoch! I can't eat banana's, puke every single time. So I'm trying to just keep up on water intake.

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I remember them last time. They haven't started yet for me. The only thing which helped stop them was giving birth.

When they happen in the middle of the night, I just press my heel down and wait for it to pass.

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:lurk: from July

Actually, potatoes and spinach have more potassium than bananas! I just heard this from a nutrition student friend of mine, and lo and behold, it is true!

Hope this will help, charley horses are the worst!!

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Thanks everyone. It was one huge one last night- my whole hamstring. But last pregnancy was terrible. And Mara- that picture is adorable.

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Heard back from my SIL, she said it was actually calcium that she upped her intake of to help with that... BUT, she also said she wasn't very good about taking it, so she thinks increased fluids probably made a bigger difference than the calcium.

Thanks, wlillie!

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It's not always potassium. It can happen just from being dehydrated too. I've been trying to drink water before bed and I haven't had any yet this pregnancy. Pull back on your toes when it happens and it should stop pretty quickly. Good luck!

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Dehydration definitely isn't it for me. I drink about 20oz water every hour while awake (which is starting to catch up to me at night). The calcium makes a lot of sense though. Our fridge went out last weekend so we didn't have milk/yogurt/cheese at the house all week and I have been loving all three this pregnancy and last pregnancy they made me ill.

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Ouch! I'm sorry-- I remember having a few of those with my girls....they hurt in the middle of the night. I hope the extra calcium keeps them at bay.

And OMG how do you drink that much water? I'd be peeing all day long! Smile

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Yikes, no fun...I had them frequently with DD2. Just had my first one this pregnancy last week. They are the WORST! Hope they ease up for you!

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Oh ouch.. I freaking hate charley horses. I hope they get better Sad

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Do you mean foot/leg cramps? I've never heard them called that before, must be the American name for them lol. Yeah, I'm just starting to get them more often. Tonic water is good for them I've heard. Mine are during the day so far, they haven't woken me at night yet but last time they did towards the end.