Fun :) 3D cute!

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Fun :) 3D cute!

Here are a few of the many 3d pics I got today. So much fun!!!! Smile






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Too sweet

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what wonderful pictures. Smile

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Great pictures!!

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Ah, those are fab! It's amazing how they really are whole babies in there... like, it doesn't just happen all of a sudden on their way out... look at all those body parts! Smile Love it! Smile

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So sweet! I bet you're even more excited for the birth. A real baby in there! Biggrin

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3d and 4d so worth it....your pics turned out really good too. my lo was shy as can be. yours? had mine early in the morning so it was hard for him to get a good pic in that showed his whole face. luckily he let us get one good one in...mines below on my ticker. very very cute pics!

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Thanks everyone! It was really fun...and I have to say, this week was a real "IM OVER IT" kinda week, so the little boost of "awwwwwww" was much needed - yup, that reminded that there is a little masterpiece in there and to stay patient. But also def helped me visualize meeting her. Smile I tried to tell my husband that she has some of his features...but I know she looks like me, hhahahaaa.

She was a ham....sleeping with feet and hands out of the way most the time. I was very lucky. I think I got about 30 good shots.....the cutest was my son (6). It made it very real for him its all he can talk about. "Hows the baby"" "Is she OK." and on and on......

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Super cute!!