Gavin Alan...

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Gavin Alan...

Thank you Brooke for keeping everyone updated! The induction wasnt "fun", but my last birth was much worse. I got an epidural yesterday and that made a huge difference for me, it was heaven.

Gavin was ready to come out, he is 8lbs 7oz, his skin is very dry and peely, he had some meconium in his water. I couldnt believe he is that big. Ethan was 6lbs 14oz and I wasnt nearly as big this time! At least I didnt think so. The cord was wrapped so tightly around his neck the dr cut it immediatly. He's doing great now, his bfing is AMAZING, he took to it instantly.

Dh is doing great, this is his first bio son. (He has been in Ethan's life since he was almost 2) He's so in love, its really fun to see. Ethan decided we could "keep" him, he also got to help the nurse with his first bath he thought that was pretty special.

As for me, I am kind of in space land, sorry if this is all over the place. I am tired, sore, but too excited to sleep too long. I am excited to go home tomorrow morning! I'll write his "birth story" soon!

The first is Gavin an hour after birth, the second is from this morning.

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Congratulations! Gavin is absolutely adorable! I'm do glad your whole family is enjoying this bonding time. Way to go!

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Congrats!! He's adorable!

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He is so cute! What a big boy-- amazing what our bodies can do.

Glad all went smoothly. He is so cute.


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What a cutie! Congrats!

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Wow big baby!!!! And sooo super cute. Congrats!!!!

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Glad things went well! He is SO CUTE!! Congrats again!!

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He is super cute; and what a sweet little name!

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Congratulations! he's lovely. Smile