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gender guess

So I had a scan at 13 w and 3d she did a potty shot and guessed boy. After doing some research both boys and girls have a nub at that age. So I did the Ph test and it predicted a girl. Anyone try the Ph test yet. My next apt is on the 3 rd not sure when I'll get my u/s. I'm jonesin' to go shopping!

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didnt try the ph test yet...will try and let ya know. i am counting the days too till i can go baby clothes shopping. jan 9th seems like an eternity away!

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I bought the pH test today, and I'll be using it first thing in the morning. I won't get my gender scan until the end of January tho so it will be a while until I can give my rating of it. But, I have heard from some other girls that it's usually pretty spot on. Smile