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gender guess

So I had a scan at 13 w and 3d she did a potty shot and guessed boy. After doing some research both boys and girls have a nub at that age. So I did the Ph test and it predicted a girl. Anyone try the Ph test yet. My next apt is on the 3 rd not sure when I'll get my u/s. I'm jonesin' to go shopping!

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I had my NT scan at 13w1d and I asked if she was allowed to make a guess, and she said they weren't allowed to say anything until 18 weeks! Apparently before that, it can just be too ambiguous. I know a lot of girls on here already have their gender guesses/confirmations, and I'm jealous! I have to wait.

I've never done the Ph test myself, but know a few people have and they've gotten mixed results. I wouldn't buy anything based on it, though! Wink

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apparantly the angle of the nub has to do with if its a girl or boy but Im not sure how reliable the "angle of the dangle" prediction is. If the "nub" is 30 degrees or up from the angle of the body...its a boy. If its parallel to the body or almost parallel...its a girl. Also, my prediction at 12 weeks was NOT based on the nub but instead on the fact that the ultrasound tech thought she was looking at the three lines which indicate girl...the start of the labia. I go for a big ultrasound in 2 weeks with a specialist...I hope they can give me definite by then!! I have never done the ph so I have no idea how well that test works. Smile

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I had a prediction at 14 weeks, 2 days. It does look like a boy, but the baby wasn't cooperating too well. My next appt is my Targeted Ultrasound (some call it a level 2) and it will be in 3D and it gives a VERY good quality image (I'll post a screen shot from my daughter's Targeted ultrasound - just of her face). But anyway, I'm not buying anything boy-related until AFTER that scan to MAKE SURE it's a boy lol. Smile It's January 23rd.

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I did the Intelligender Test and it predicted boy. Sure enough, I am having a boy and the tech was 100% certain. He kept showing up over and over so it was very well known. I found a site in which the angle is a good predictor as well and it fit well with mine. I predicted a boy based off the Intelligender Test and the angle. The website is: