in good hands (pics included)

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in good hands (pics included)

sort of a silver lining to yet another craptacular week at work anyhow, wednesday evening i came home from work to find the sweetest thinking of you, and a get well card in the mail from the hospital i am choosing to deliver at (which my ob office is there too). my wonderful valentines gift from the hubby was a downright nasty stomach bug, so bad i got sick of feeling miserable, not being able to keep anything down including water on either end so i went to the hospital over this. don't ask me why but they took me to the l & d ward again to make sure i wasn't in labor and turns out i wasn't. let me tell ya, i felt like the walking dead going in there but they gave me meds, showed them that i could drink a sprite and hold down a couple of gram crackers, and i was able to go. was there over 7 hours but whatever they did helped, as soon as i left i felt a little rough but a lot better.

ok, so theres the little back story to my 2nd visit to the l & d. (the 1st was at 20 weeks for post sex bleeding). i figured these people were probably getting sick of seeing me come in, but like i said i came home the otherr day to a thinking of you and a feel better soon card all signed from the maternity ward at the hospital. made me feel in good hands and glad to have chosen such a great place. i posted pics below of the thinking of you card....isn't this sweet?

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Wow! Talk about customer service and a caring staff! I'm used to military hospitals which are functional, professional, but not at all warm.
You've got a great Labor and Delivery team to work with.

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That is very sweet. It's lovely when providers (of any sort) take the time to do such personal things. Though I have to say, not so sure about the one person who wrote, "Hurry back!" That doesn't seem quite appropriate.... Wink

I got a congratulations card from my chiropractor's office when my DD was born. It was a very sweet surprise, and included several lovely, personal message inside.

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i questioned the hurry back comment too...haha. but yeah it was nice. i am content with being at that hospital when the time comes:)

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So sweet!!!!