gosh my dr office is annoying....

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gosh my dr office is annoying....

So my doctor's nurse calls me yesterday to set up induction for 1 pm today. She said this time SHOULD NOT be changed...and if someone at the hospital tried switching the time, I was to call the office asap....ask for the other nurse for Dr S to be paged (usually they make you leave a message) and tell them. So...I get up this morning and while Im in the shower....a different doctor from the same office, Dr B, calls me (she is at the hospital this morning) and leaves a message for me to come in at 4 pm "to give the nurses time to finish up from the morning deliveries". Im pretty sure that is code for....1st shift has enough work today, even though we are not full, come in at 4 on 2nd shifts time and give them some work to do! So...I do what I am told, I phone the Drs office and ask for Penny (the nurse I was told to ask for) to be paged. They give me a hard time, but after explaining the situation, they put me on hold and page her. Im on hold for like 10 minutes they come back and say she is not in yet, they will put me through to her voicemail. I tell receptionist, that the nurse yesterday told me NOT to leave a message...to speak to Penny in person. The receptionist reluctantly says she will hand write a note and put it in Penny's spot so she sees it right when she get to the office. I have heard nothing...its been 2 hours. I called again, and this time just followed the menu to leave a message for Penny....and left her a message....and nothing! This is so annoying. Why am I left in the middle of the doctors office and the hospital trying to figure this out???? So...not sure if my induction will be starting at 1 or 4. Dr S (MY doctor) wants it started at 1....Dr B and the nurses at the hospital want it started at 4. GRRRRR!!!! Ill kup...but it def might be closer to Wed when this baby is born....if start time is 4 now! Sad Its just a few hours but Im already a little nervous...and this has just made things a little more unpleasant today!!

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How frustrating that you are put in the middle to deal with all of the timing issues. Hope you get an answer soon and hope everything goes smoothly for you today/tomorrow!

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OMG... that whole office should be shut down for being idiots. I hope you can figure out when to be there!

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another random nurse from the office called and said to be there at 4. I asked if my doctor knew this, and she said she was going to let him know after she hung up with me. I think they are all a bunch of incompetent A holes and I am SOOOO glad I dont have any more appointments with them! They have started this day with so much stress for me....and I think I will tell the doctor just what I think of their communication system at that place!!! Now I have to figure out how to de-stress and de-anger myself so I dont go into this induction feeling as pissed as I do!!! Sorry for the vent!! SOOOOO DONE!!!!

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Why can't they make anything easy!? That shouldn't be your job to try to sort everything out... especially being nervous already. I hope the nurse calls you back soon!

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Wow, I am so glad you are about to deliver so you can be done with this stupid office!! I don't know how you have managed it this far, I think I would've blown the place up by now! Lol I would just go in at 1pm and say screw it!! GL!! Can't wait to hear how everything goes for you today!! ELV's!!!

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Grrr! That is annoying!

I"ll be thinking great thoughts for you this afternoon and evening. Good luck!

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Hopefully just a little while longer.....good luck!!!! Cant wait for an update.