Guac is still so good....

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Guac is still so good....

I swear I'm addicted to avocados this pregnancy. Guac, avocado maki, avocado salad.....YUM!

What are you eating these days? Any cravings?

I had Chipotle for lunch and it was so yummy. I just get the kid's meal-- but the brown rice and beans and chicken taco and guacamole....yum-o!

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I'm all over the place, there hasn't been one consistent craving!

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Yum, guac sounds good right now!

I'm all about salad and pasta this pregnancy.

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I don't enjoy eating this pregnancy. I'll eat, but only to get it over with. Except cereal and banana bread. Those things always sound good.

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"jubileerose" wrote:

I don't enjoy eating this pregnancy. I'll eat, but only to get it over with. Except cereal and banana bread. Those things always sound good.

I've been making a ton of banana bread...yum!

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Carrots? I'm having a hard time enjoying food now. Peanut butter.

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Hmmm...not really having specific cravings I guess... certainly feeling like all of a sudden something sounds really good, and I need to get some now. Unfortunately for me, the strongest craving like that which I have had has been for Taco Bell. If I had to, I could probably eat it once a day- BUT I DON'T. Smile

I am still eagerly eating cereal- but trying to have more protein at breakfast as well. I love making my homemade breakfast sandwiches- English muffin, veggie sausage patty, and cheese- sometimes an egg as well. Smile YUM!

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Lately it has been: Watermelon - I ate half of one by myself the other night. Chicken queso burrito bowl from Qdoba. Lemon poppyseed muffins. And lastly, but very specifically - a very thin sliced strip steak (I don't usually eat a lot of meat, so the meat cravings have been weird) with a salad consisting of spinach, green onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, blue cheese, and balsamic dressing.

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count me in for fruits and veggies! i had some good grape tomatoes today with zesty italian dressing along with watermelon & cantelope...this kiddo loves when i indulge in fruits and vegetables!

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Pineapple Smile

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I totally worked a carton of strawberries last week I bought for DS. Oops. Wink It wasn't that I was craving them, per se, but I was cutting some up for DS, had a taste, and they were AH-MAY-ZING. So I ended up hogging down most of the rest right then and there!!

Audra, if you're an avocado fanatic, you'd love the dip I made for DS last week! It's an avocado with honey, lemon juice, and a bit of whipped cream cheese. He dunks everything in that dip! My personal fave was the honey wheat pretzel sticks. Wink

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wow guacamole.. i spent a solid minute trying to figure out what "goo-ac" is. I'm a total food lover of all variety right now. My favorite by far tho is still raw cauliflower. yum.

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No cravings here... especially not lately, I've been all sick and blah. Maybe we can have tacos again tomorrow.. I make my own guacamole with salsa, garlic powder and pepper... so good.

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Mmmm guacamole sounds yummy! I haven't felt all that hungry, surprisingly, but I at least make something to ensure I don't starve the baby. When I do feel hungry it's usually a craving for cereal!! Or bean and cheese burritos, lol.