Had my 1st appt yesterday (XP)

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Had my 1st appt yesterday (XP)

Went well. He did an ultrasound to rule out tubal and multiples. One baby and in the uterus!! Yahoo However my dates don't match up. My LMP was Sept 23rd. And DH and I only DTD on Oct. 9th. But he says I'm 5wks 5days and my due date is July 7th. I'm kinda confused. But he did say everythinhg looked ok. I talked to a friend and she said it sounds like my hubs lil guys just hung out a while and I ovulated a LOT later. Haha joking, it's prolly a girl then. :rolleyes: LOL

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Glad everything went well-- those swimmers can hang out for a while. I know with our 4th child that they lived for at least 3 days....but I believe that they can live up to 5.

Yay for one healthy baby and one in the uterus!

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Yay to a good appointment!!!!! Smile