Had My U/S!!

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Had My U/S!!

Good morning!

I had my ultrasound this morning and everything is looking great! Baby measured 8 weeks and 1 day which puts my due date at June 12. I'm really excited, and relieved. The Dr. also prescribed Zofran because of my constant nausea and vomiting.

A pic of my bean!

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That's so awesome! Congrats Smile

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Congrats! We share a due date now!

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Yahoo! Congrats!

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So exciting!! Congratulations! Just one day off from my birthday!

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Aw, lucky! I can't wait to see my baby. Congrats and I hope you love the zofran. I do.

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Congrats! Oh they look so cute at that age

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Yah!! Congrats! It's a cutie!

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That's a great due date- my birthday! Smile Congrats on a healthy little peanut!

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How wonderful, congratulations Smile