Hannah is here!!

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Hannah is here!!

We had our sweet baby girl early Friday Morning. My water broke as a thunderstorm hit, and she was here just 4 hours later. We are home already, everything went so smoothly and we wanted to get home to our 4 year old.

Will post pictures soon!!

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Wow, awesome! Congratulations.

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Congrats! Can't wait to see pics! Were you team green, or did you know you were having a girl?

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Talk about a fast labor! I'm totally jealous Wink

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Awesome! I wonder if what they say about pressure in the air is what made your water break! Congrats on baby Hannah Smile

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Congrats, mama!!

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Congrats and enjoy those newborn moments!!

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Congrats to you! I'm glad all went well. Enjoy your newborn snuggles. I just love that newborn smell!

I found my fast labors to be so intense, I'm not sure I prefer them to the longer labors.....