Happy Due Date to me...

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Happy Due Date to me...

It's my due date and I feel like I'll be pregnant until September. Absolutely nothing to report.
Besides having lots of sex, I'm just letting it be and waiting... No idea when my baby will come out. Trying to remain upbeat!

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Woohoo, It's your due date! I think it's Mara's too!

You have a great attitude, baby will be here soon. I'll be joining your club on Friday. Our babies seem to like how comfy it is Smile

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Happy due date to us!!! I'm wishing you a super sudden and quick onset of labor when you least expect it! Smile

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Happy due date! With my second, I went from feeling totally fine, to suddenly being in labor. I had just come to terms with the fact that I'd be pregnant forever, and then it happened Biggrin

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Yay! Happy due date! I've been pregnant on each of my due dates-- so you are in good company (and fully expect to still be pregnant next Saturday, too!)

I loved hearing about your mom's births-- how awesome. Your baby girl will be here soon.....enjoy these last few days of pregnancy.

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Happy due date!! I hope things are quietly gearing up for you and then BAM! it happens! Smile

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Happy due date! Hope you don't have much longer