Happy due date to me!

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Happy due date to me!

...but no sign of baby. Sigh. I hope he gets here soon! I only have a week left until they won't let me VBAC!! :mad:

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Happy due date!

Mine was Tuesday, I'm still chilling here with you. I am slowly getting impatient... They don't have a single opening for inductions until NEXT Thursday evening at our hospital. I'm not overly impressed with the prospect of waiting around until then, but what can you do?!

Hope you get your VBAC, I'm hoping for my second VBAC this time around.

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Stay positive...You WILL get your VBAC! Most all of us went to our due dates or beyond, so hopefully little guy decides to make his apperance in the next couple days for the both of you Smile

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Happy due date! I was 6 days late with Lily- I hope your baby comes sooner than that!

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Happy due date!!!! I certainly hope he comes in time for you to have an easy VBAC! Smile

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Happy day after due date! Hope he makes his appearance soon!! Hang in there! I know the feeling of being late and the pressure of them coming in a timeframe! I was 6 over!

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Happy due date! I think Baby will make an appearance soon. And you don't HAVE to show up for the induction...what are they going to do, come to your house and force you? Easier said than done though, I know. You can always try some natural induction techniques as it gets closer.

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i predict it won't be much longer...in which case good luck!