Head Cold / Sinus Junk

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Head Cold / Sinus Junk

I know what we can take is limited, I've been taking sudafed (little red pills) and they are doing squat. Tylenol also does nothing for me, never has. I took a mucinex yesterday and it helped for about an hour but the burning and stuffy nose returned.

Any other remedies?

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I use a sinus rinse that really works well-- it is amazing at clearing me out. I had (have?) a head cold....though it seems to be getting better this week. Last week I was g.r.o.s.s.

Here is the rinse I use. We use it on the kids, too. Works wonders! GL!


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I keep hearing good things about the Neti Pot, but have never tried it. Hope you feel better soon!

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I use Flonase nasal spray because it's an anti-inflammatory medication. My sinuses get inflamed easily and then I'm just screwed. My OB just renewed my prescription for it and said it's VERY LOW RISK. I wasn't battling a sore throat though - just mucous dripping down - no pain.

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Heads up-use bottled or purified water for the netti pot. Can we use Vics? I'm miserable over here. My nose has been lightly bleeding for three days straight.

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When I get stuffed up, I take a hot shower and stand sortof face down under the water so I'm breathing in the steam, that's to loosen everything up which should give you some comfort for a while. And I go the ginger and vitamin c route hard, I'm allergic to oranges so I opt for papaya juice and pineapple which are jampacked with vitamin c. I hope you feel better. Smile

oh, and vick's vaporub is on my list of approved OTC that my doctor gave me.

that's a list of vitamin c rich foods and their uses.

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I have been having the same issue for about a month. I sleep with a humidifier and regularly blow my nose. Hot showers do seem to help a lot.