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I've been getting terrible headaches and I know it's normal because of the hormones, but I'd really rather not suffer through them. The little book from the doctor says to only take Tylenol but I might as well go without, Tylenol doesn't do a thing. Anyone have advice or maybe a natural remedy?

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I usually try to make sure I'm getting SUPER amounts of water, and then I'll usually have a Coke too. Just that bit of caffeine often does the trick. Good luck!

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yeah, I go for a pint of water and a black coffee, that usually does the trick for me. I'm not headachey anymore but I was up until around 12 weeks.

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Yes! I've been having at least a headache a day if not more. Tylenol works for a little but but like Mara said, try caffiene. It usually does the trick.

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Oh yes, I've been dealing with a lot of headaches! I second (third? fourth? ;)) the thought on getting MUCHO water. I sometimes think I get a headache by mid-afternoon if I haven't been drowning myself in liquids all morning. Wink

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Same here! Just this past week, I have been experiencing headaches every day...the ones that wrap around my head and find its way down to my neck! I take a Tylenol every now and then but that only releases the pain temporarily. I drink TONS of water and have caffeine every now and then. Going to talk to my doctor about it next week.

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Me too!!!!! So glad I'm not alone! It's pure agony. Tylenol does nothing. I talked to my doctor about it today and she prescribed me Vicodin. No joke. Don't think I'll be taking it though- that weirds me out. She said sadly there's nothing to be done about the headaches.

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I've been getting a lot of headaches too.... usually in the later part of the day. I take a couple tylenol if they get bad enough, but mostly they're just annoying. Hope you get some relief soon!

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my headaches have been tolerable...like everyone else caffiene helps for me too. lately its been heartburn thats given me grief.

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OMG, YES!! And Tylonol is a joke when it comes to my headaches! The only thing my Dr could suggest was a lot of water to drink.. thanks doc :/