heartbeat heard and #'s in!

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heartbeat heard and #'s in!

last night i finally got to hear my lo's heartbeat. still not over my upper respiratory infection and thought i had a little spotting so went to go get checked....everything was and is good. heartbeat 166, cervix completely closed and hcg level was 46613 which they said were perfectly fine.

was truly amazing to hear the heartbeat for the very first time. the docs said sometimes they cant pick up a heartbeat but they did for my lo and was a big relief.

with this being my first lo my husband and i are constantly paranoid to make sure the baby but im sure this will subside once i am in my 2nd trimester. (only 2 more days...woohoo)

anyhow wanted to share this with everyone, that the baby and i are doing good. heard the heartbeat and counting the days till my nt scan on wednesday (4 days now). will post my u/s's and hopes everyone has a wonderful weekend.

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What wonderful news!! COngrats!!

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That's so awesome!! Congrats Smile

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Great news-- congrats!

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You're right... there is nothing like it! It's amazing! Glad to know you're both doing good Smile

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Yay! Happy for you. Smile

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thanks guys! just curious has anyone else had their hcg level checked lately? just curious.