Heartbeat and pic

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Heartbeat and pic

Yay! Heartbeat 168 bpm. Def 8wks6days.


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hmmmmmmm guess i suck at posting pictures! nevermind! Blum 3

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I use photobucket for the boards! Smile

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OMG! Why is it so big!!!!!! doh. Im sorry.

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Adorable Smile

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Look at that cute little guy!

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no it's perfect size for a photo with a baby that tiny and cute in it. i can't wait for an u/s. *sigh*

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Just a word of advice- your full name and birth date is on that picture. You might want to black it out (I use Paint to do it) before posting it on a public board like this one! Smile

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Yeah I already stalked you and found your facebook haha.

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LOL! I told the Facebook fam too so its all good! And, Im pretty sure Im out on so many blogs and PR stuff for work that anyone who wants my name can have it. Blum 3

Thanks everyone. These pics are fun. Mine and others...I look forward to seeing more!

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Awesome!!! I love seeing pictures!

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Thats a great picture! Congrats..

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Ooh, congrats! What a great pic. Since I don't get an u/s for a couple weeks still, it is nice to see other people's pics of their LO's. I have to live vicariously.