Here we go again

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Here we go again

Well my taste have changed this week AGAIN!!! I can no long drink milk it has this funny taste to it. When I look at food it makes me not want to eat and turns my stomach. I thought I was over this stage!! Anyone else have this problem?!

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No, but couldn't read and no say sorry, that sucks. I hope its just a small bug and goes away soon.

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I was just thinking tonight how my tastes have changed too... but, not as badly as yours. I remember in the beginning of this pregnancy I was refilling my ice cube trays daily (I have 4), because I was going through that much ice every day, because my drinks HAD to be cold. I don't do that anymore. Then I went through the cereal phase when I was eating cereal several times a day. I still eat it now and then, but I'm not doing anything like that anymore.

And then I went through that period when I just wasn't hungry at all.

I will say, there just isn't much I want during this pregnancy... in my last pregnancy I wanted all sorts of stuff- all kinds of ethnic foods, etc, etc... and with this one, I feel like I am sticking to a much more bland diet in general.

If anything I'm craving fruit and salads these days. Mango season is back here in Laos, and the mangoes are AMAZING. I shared one with DD the other day, and she and I were seriously fighting over the last few bites. So good. I want more! (Money is really tight these days, otherwise I would run out and get some more!)

I hope it passes for you quickly though... it would suck to feel sick when you look at food!