Hiya! Sorry I've been MIA

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Hiya! Sorry I've been MIA

It's that time of year. Too much to do and not enough time to do it all (and starting to get pregnant enough that it's becoming a challenge!).

Had my NT scan a couple of weeks ago. Ultrasound looked great. The baby was moving around, flipping, waving and totally showing off. Doctor gave us an 80% chance of......................GIRL! The measurements all looked wonderful. Got a call from the genetic counselor last week that one of my hormones came back elevated that moved our Downs chance to 1 in 20. Not really psyched with that but at that point it didn't really chance much with DH and I. They called back today to tell me that I have two chromosomes switched and the chance of extra DNA information from my 11 chromosome was a risk for a certain kind of Down's. Still doesn't change much except for making me and DH worry. I knew I should have just done the ultrasound and ignored the bloodwork. Couldn't they have waited to call until Monday?

Hope all of you are well and enjoying your holidays. I just want 15 seconds to get off of my feet. Oh well, that's the plan for Monday Wink

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They gave me the same early prediction for gender!! I can not wait to find out if they are right!! Im sorry about the bloodwork findings. ((Hugs))