Holy hair loss!

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Holy hair loss!

I'm losing so much hair these days. I always do this post- pregnancy....but it is kind of grossing me out.

Hairballs everywhere.

Am I alone?

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Happened to me with the last 2 pregnancies, but not yet for this one! I am dreading it though...sooo gross!

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Well, I am not losing it in "balls", but it is falling out. I notice it most in the shower. Sad My hair is really thin to begin with, so this makes me very sad. The worst part about it though, is that I have hypersensitive skin, and I can feel a strand of hair on me (where it's not supposed to be) almost always. I know I have one on my back right now, and it feels like ants crawling on me, and is driving me crazy. Ugh.

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Hasn't happened yet. Last time it took 7 months pp to have my hair thin out. We'll see what happens this time.

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I haven't been losing but my hair is definately not as shiny and healthy as it was during my pregnancy. I don't think I had a single "bad hair day" during my pregnancy, oh sweet memories.. Smile

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I've just noticed it starting the last couple days...

Hairballs and clogged shower drains here we come Sad

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** Lurker ** That happened to me after I had my 2nd son.

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I feel like as soon as I read about something on here I automatically develop the same symptoms. It's falling out terribly when I do my hair in the morning. How depressing. My hair has always been thin, I was enjoying the fullness.