Home-use Fetal Doppler

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Home-use Fetal Doppler

I want one!!
I was wondering who has one and where did you purchase it?

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I got mine off of craigslist used. It was $30 and came with a quarter bottle of gel. LOVE it.

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I purchased one off of Amazon for $120. It's been incredibly handy both pregnancies! I haven't used it in a few weeks since I'm feeling some sort of movement daily, but up until that point it was reassuring.

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i got a graco prenatal listener 20 bucks at kmart....havent been able to tell a hb with it but it's neat for listening to the baby though so all is not lost.

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I wish I had gotten one earlier in my reproductive years...I probably wont get one now...because of daily movement. It would be nice to be able to just listen to your baby if you dont feel movement for reassurance espcecially if you think you might have more kids and will get your use out of it....but I cant justify the cost at this point!

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We have the Sonoline B doppler.. I got it around 10 weeks so I could listen. I have heard though that at 20 weeks and after you can just listen to the heartbeat with a stethoscope!

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I rented one with my last pregnancy. I only felt like I needed it in those early months and it was very reassuring. This time I felt more at ease so I didn't bother renting again.