Hot Flashes?

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Hot Flashes?

Recently, I've been getting hot flashes that then turn into me feeling drained and nauseated. I usually have to sit in front of an air conditioner and drink some water, and then after 5-10 minutes the feeling passes. Nothing seems to be triggering them, like yesterday I was riding in a car and was JUST fine a few minutes before. I keep snacks with me and snack on a regular basis (nuts, fruit, fiber bars, etc).

Any ideas? Anyone else experiencing these?

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I used to get something like that during my first pregnancy- although I would also feel like my heart was beating weird. But, it would happen to me if I had a really hot shower (which I love, so I would keep doing it, and then basically having to take a nap after I did it, because it would set me off), or if I was really rushing around too much. I don't think it ever happened when I was just doing nothing. The only thing that helped me was drinking some water, and then to just lay down and rest.

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((HUGS)) that doesn't sound fun at all! No experience with it-- but I hope it goes away quickly.

Maybe a preview of the mess we'll be in at menopause Wink

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i've been this way too. at work lately even if i do office work which anyone who does swears it makes em cold it can make me sweat. i have to go stand outside for a sec or i'll puke and at night even with 1 blanket on makes me wake up completely sweating. you're not alone here

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Yep. Going through one now. It sucks.