I have been SO sick!

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I have been SO sick!

I thought it was just pregnancy related stuff, nausea, exhaustion, weakness, although I never had any of these with #1 and #2. Anyway, I ended up with a 39.4 temp, so looks like it was a virus. DH (also my GP Wink )is very concerned about me being so sick at such a crucial time in baby's development, so I am having a scan later today to check everything is ok.

I usually have an early scan during pregnancies, but wasn't going to bother this time. I hope everything is ok....

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Hope you feel better soon!

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Thanks Smile All fine at the scan today. Measuring slightly ahead, am 8 weeks today. Such a relief!

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Glad everything looked good on the scan. When I was 5 weeks along with this pregnancy I ended up with a kidney infection and a temp around 103, I know how scary it is and how much you worry if baby is okay.

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Glad to hear that the scan was perfect Smile

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Scary! I hope you are on the mend quickly. I was really sicknw our second DD-- 103 fever and vomiting....it was misearble. But she was just fine :). Glad the scan went well!