I have my brain back!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have my brain back!!!!!!!!!!!!

I swear I have been in the world's biggest brain cloud for the last 2 months!! It's finally lifting along with the nausea and depression. Oh My God-I might actually be able to save Christmas Smile

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Yahoo! I feel kind of the same way....like I'm so much more productive now that the fog is lifting. It is amazing how good it feels not to feel carsick half of the time.


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Awesome! I'm waiting for my motivation to come back!

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I'm starting to feel the same as well. I'm getting a little more energy back, my head feels a little more clear but I am still quite sick..all day long! I am REALLY hoping it goes away soon. This is the first time in 3 pregnancies that I've experience morning sickness so this is a whole new ball game for me and I am sure hoping it isn't going to last the whole pregnancy.

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I feel more foggier, ugh! Hopefully mine passes soon, too!