I might be crazy!

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I might be crazy!

I having been talking about baby # 3 already with my hubby. We waited for # 2 and DS1 & DS2 are 4yrs apart and would like the next one to be a bit closer in age. For those mommas who have kids close together any advice or thoughts. Do you like having your kids close in age and how long was it before you got pregnant again.

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My first 2 are 4 years apart. Then then #2 and #3 are 21 months apart. We started trying when #2 was 6 months and got prego right at a year. Pregnancy was HARD for me to keep up with the 1 year old! And its hard now to give her the attention she needs. We have LOTS of times with her quarantined in the nursery with me while nursing! BUT, I am hoping they will be good playmates in a year or so!

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My boys are 23 and 28 months apart respectively. We had wanted DS2 and DS3 to be closer together in age, but things didn't work out. Because I was breastfeeding I didn't even get my period back until DS2 was 17 months old. We would rather our children be close together. If I have another one, I would want him to be less than 2 years younger than Henry. But to be honest I'm not thrilled with the idea of a 4th. DH is going to have to really convince me (he wants 5!)

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Our first 4 were all 2 years or younger apart in age.....and this baby was 3 years after his sister. Personally, I liked them closer together in age....it is chaotic for a while, but I think 2 year olds adapt more easily than 3 year olds.

Good luck with your decision! After the first three, I was totally ready for another pregnancy within months of giving birth (though my body didn't cooperate and my cycles didn't come back for nearly a year....)

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This definitely comes down to an individual thing. I found pregnancy while deaing with a toddler difficult, and I'm having a hard time with all the guilt of not being able to give either of my young children the attention I believe they deserve. But I do look forward to them being good playmates/friends in the years to come- I hope!
Honestly, I think you have to know yourself to know whether or nit you can handle them closer together. I love both my kids, and I'm glad they are here, but I'm happy to wait a couple years for another one (I say now- but I'm highly susceptible to baby-fever). Good luck making a decision!

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I think I just gasped out loud. Smile

But Ive never wanted a bunch of kids. Im really happy with two - 7 years apart. Maybe in another 7 years!!!!! LOL. (Im the minority here tho, I know.......)

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I already have baby fever! I just don't want to give birth ever again. My husband and I already want a son, until I think about giving birth again, and get a panic attack.
So... To answer your question... My two girls are about 2.5 years apart. Penny my oldest has adapted well and loves her baby sister, and I've been able to take care of both of them pretty well. I'd space the next baby similarly, but I just can't wrap my head around another 24 hour labor at this point.

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DS1 and 2 are 29 months apart and I really had no problems adjusting to DS2's arrival. DS2 and 3 are 3 years apart and it has been very difficult for me. DS1 and 2 were at a great age and DH and I were able to start going out more and we could take them places and not have it be a big deal... no more diapers... and then BOOM! Start all over. It's been a hard adjustment for me. I love Henry to pieces, but if I could have planned it, I think it would have been easier on us if he was born closer to DS2. That's just me though. I agree that having them close in age starts off crazier, but then it gets easy and they become great playmates.

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My biggest spacing (this last baby) was 24 1/2 months. I absolutely love that they are so close in age and such good friends right from the start!

My closest in age is 14 1/2 months. It was busy, but manageable. I felt great pregnant and think I was physically ready to grow another baby, but I have a friend whose kids are the same spacing and she did not feel recovered from the first pregnancy (mind you, she doesn't eat well or exercise so the may have factored in)

And I have heard that a 3 year spacing is the toughest adjustment wise... Hang in there mommas!

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Phew...I am just now feeling human again in regards to sleep. It's been rough, we have a 3-year age gap, and well the transition has not been that fun. We're pretty much sure we're done with babies but will revisit in many years and see if that opinion has changed any Smile

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I felt that way after DS #4 and again after DS #6. There is a 2yr 3 month gap between #1 and #2 and then again between #2 and #3. It was a nice gap because the older one was potty trained and a not too demanding timewise and they seemed to adjust quite well to the baby. We then have a 4 year gap between #3 and #4. While #3 adjusted well it was hard to go back to baby mode after being out of it for a few years. #4 and #5 are 16.5 months apart (got pg when #4 was 7 months) and I actually really like the spacing. #4 adjusted well to having a baby, actually he didn't seem to care or understand much which was fine. Times were crazy hectic but they are the best of friends now. #5 and #6 are 2 yrs and 3 months apart and I honestly feel that it has been harder with this gap this time around. When #6 was born I had a strong feeling that we weren't done, but wasn't quite ready to get pregnant right away so we waited until he was about 10 months old--I did him and this one that we are expecting to be close in age--so we will have an 18 month gap. It has been hard to be pregnant with a toddler just because I haven't had the energy to really keep up with him and my other boys. But I know that after a couple years when they are a bit older it will be so much fun. It is definitely a personal decision and one that can change with the stage of life you are at. With these last ones I knew that I wanted them close together and I also was ready to just be DONE being pregnant so the sooner the better was best for me. There will be challenges either way, whether you decide to wait or get pregnant soon. Best of luck! And no you are not crazy! Wink

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I think it's pretty normal to have baby fever during the PP weeks, isn't it? I always miss being pregnant right after I give birth, no matter how miserable it was at the end! I've already been thinking about #3, as well, and how I can talk DH into it. Wink He told me a few weeks ago that talks for a 3rd baby were "on the table", but last night he told me he was 99.9% sure he was done! I told him I was 99.9% sure I was NOT done. Lol I'm not too worried, though, I think he'll be easily swayed when I get serious about it. I won't really push the idea for another year. I more or less like our 28 month spacing between DS1 and 2, so I think I'd do it close to that way again. So I have until next Christmas to convince DH we need some pink in this house. Wink