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Not really. But I want to.

The first three weeks of breast feeding went great. But the past week has been terrible. Rose-Lynn wants to nurse all the time but is fussy, crying and wont latch. Or eats for a few minutes and lets go to fuss more. It's like cranky cluster feeding. Its REALLY frustrating when Im in public or people are visiting and Im trying to be discreet. It is REALLY frustrating when I just want to feed her in the middle of the night.

Im not sleeping, Im not feeling successful, and Im not enjoying it. Sad I hope this passes soon and perseverance pays off, but seriously, if this keeps up I dont know how long I will last.

(Plus, I hate the leaking. And, if I may confess, I yelled at my DH yesterday for kissing and hugging me too much. In fact, I yelled "DO I LOOK TOUCH DEPRIVED TO YOU?!" As the baby stays almost permanent latched to my body.)

Maybe Im just not cut out for breastfeeding. I only lasted 3 months with my son and it appears as if Im on an even worse track for Rose-Lynn.

OK, MY whine session is done.

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Aw, super hugs to you!! I know how frustrating that can be!

Sam was fully tongue-tied at birth (we had it clipped at 3 days), but has absolutely no idea how to use his tongue to effectively nurse. He chomped instead of sucked, and would basically just wait until I had a letdown to easily drink my milk. So he wasn't emptying my breasts at all. I also have a super low supply (at one LC session, he nursed for 25 minutes and only took in an ounce) that I'm working on at the moment. I can only pump a little less than 2 oz every 3 hours, which is about .5 oz less than he eats at every feed, so we're supplementing on top of BM. He still hasn't figured out his latch, so we moved to me just pumping and giving the EBM in bottles, and I'm looking into getting a script for domperidone tomorrow from my OB to up my supply.

Anyhow, long story short, until we figured out the low supply, etc., Sam was basically latched on me at all times. I literally sat on the couch all day with him periodically nursing. If he was my first baby, sure, I could do that, but with a two year old running around, and me being a SAHM, I literally can't do that! It's just not even plausible. So I know how you feel when you just want a few minutes to yourself, especially when you have guests and people in your face all the time, too.

Keep your chin up! She may just be going through a growth spurt and trying to up your supply. I am a huge proponent of BFing, obviously, but I also know there is a thin line between a grossly miserable BFing mother, and a less-stressed, happy formula-feeding mother if it's just not working. No matter what you choose, you need to do what's best for your family!

Good luck!!

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Abram does the same thing, I agree it is frustrating. But it is just part of it! I find that he usually does the pull off/on fussy latch when he's over tired or over stimulated (which is often with a crazy 3-yr old running about)! Be patient, this part of the nursing relationship doesn't last long!! DD got over it within a few months and become an effective and quick nurser.

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can you try to express just a little before she tries to latch on? So that your breasts aren't as full and the milk will come a little faster? Hugs.

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am in the same boat...jayden gets fussy so i've had to both pump and feed. usually takes the boob but is bottle friendly too so i'm not too irritated yet.

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Allow me to hijack the thread with my own sob story lol. My breasts never got engorged until I started Reglan during week 3. (I never got that painfully-full feeling until then). I've been on Reglan for about a week now but my supply still isn't meeting his needs. I only pump an ounce total - and then I squeeze and squish the hell out of my breast and get out an additional ounce - maybe my pump was an expensive POS? lol

Max will nurse for an hour (yes 30min on each breast) and when I get fed up and unlatch him he will cry for more. And no a pacifier doesn't cut it. He ends up taking 3-4 ounces of formula right after being on my boobs for an hour (and he's on Gentlease formula because the normal stuff makes him spit up too much and gives him painful gas).

I KNOW I'm making milk because I leak all over the place (my nursing pads are always soaked between feedings). I am using a nipple shield but I'm using it a lot less since starting the Reglan. But he just wont latch on my left nipple without it sometimes. We have better luck with the right nipple. Pain isn't that big of an issue thankfully (my nipples aren't cracked or bleeding or blistered like they were with my daughter lol). I just can't get him to reliably latch onto my flat nipples without the shield, and I don't make enough milk for him.

So basically I'm getting fed up too. I normally nurse him about 40min (20min on each side) and it feels like a waste of energy when he gobbles down 4oz of formula right afterward in all of 5 minutes you know? Breast is Best but my sanity is wearing thin. I'll probably be fine with nursing him 3-4 times a day and using formula the rest of the time at this rate. I'm also going to ask my doc about starting Zoloft but that's a whole other can of worms. But if I do go on the medication then nursing less might not be such a bad idea (I know only trace amounts show up in BM but I'd rather he get no-amounts lol, or as-little-as-possible amounts lol).

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^^^^^^^^^^^ Im sorry!!!!! (Ah, but misery loves company.) Im glad Im not alone but hope we can sort this out in a way that "works."
It is SSSSOOOOOOO frustrating. And the hormones and lack of sleep dont help with the emotions, eh?

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I'm so sorry for the troubles both of you are facing! We had a ton of ups and downs with nursing. DD developed a lactose intolerance, started teething and getting distracted by everything around 4 months and I was so close to supplementing because it was driving me nuts. She also was a comfort nurser but I was over protective and she was my first so I didn't mind the cuddle time.

I hope you each find solutions to what works for you. If you're really dead set on BFing, I'd say a support group (a lot of hospitals/LC's run them for free and there's the LLL) can be a huge help. I went constantly with DD in the beginning but didn't go as often from 4-7 months when she'd have off and on problems and I'd wish I had. Whenever she couldn't nurse in public well or would fight me despite wanting to nurse, I'd feel like such a failure. Somehow we got through it and were able to nurse until 18 months. With a new bub on the way, I hope to not be nearly as hard on myself should the going get tough.

In the end, you have to do what's best for your situation. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. ((HUGS))

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I reached this point today as well... Henry has been doing that exact same thing for the last couple days. I've been nursing him since 12am (it's now 5pm). He FINALLY just laid down for a nap, and I'm really hoping for my sanity to return during this brief break. I know they say no alcohol for breastfeeding, but tonight I will be having a much needed glass of wine.

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You can have alcohol!!!!

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"wlillie" wrote:

You can have alcohol!!!!

Do go on...

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I wouldn't go get hammered, but a few glasses of wine a week is what I've been thinking about starting to relax me in the evening

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I've had a half a glass of wine a few times right after nursing (to give me a few hours to metabolize it). I'm such a lightweight after abstaining during my pregnancy, so it's funny. Half a glass and I'm ready for bed! Smile I don't drink often or regularly or whatever, but I don't feel bad about my small serving here and there .

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I have a couple of drinks of the weekend - esp at social events. Speaking of which - today is Friday :).

I think the "rule" is - have a drink then wait at least two hours to BF (as Jubilee said.....) But also as she said, I have NO tolerance either!!!! Its pretty funny.