I think i was ready to put his butt right in bed...

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I think i was ready to put his butt right in bed...

My DS...is 6 and well he has behavioral problems...and the words "Stop" mean absolutely nothing to him. So as he is closing the drawer to the tv stand that has the tv on it he has it too full and the whole thing including the tv is wobbling...and no matter how many times I say, "Stop" he ignores me...I get up run over and move him....ask what does "Stop mean?" Does it mean "keep doing that, Nathan?" To which I get shrugged shoulders...so I tell him unless you have a lot of money to replace that tv......i suggest you walk away right now or you are absolutely done for the night ....I am soooo tired of having to yell for him to even acknowledge you telling him to stop doing something...especially when it's for his own good....I swear I think this baby is going to think my normal voice is yelling....lol

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This sounds alot like my 3 year old DD!!

I swear, sometimes I will tell her to do something and she will just continue to talk right over me as though Im not even speaking. Or my favorite, she will just keep walking along, doing her own thing, even when I tell her to stop or ask her to do something else. There are even days I repeat myself 3-4 times before she even gives me a glance, and then when she does I think shes is actually doing it on purpose just to see if she can get a rise out of me or not.

I don't feel like I treat either of my children different, but she has the most stubborn personallity I have ever met. I try to convince myself that its her age, but my mom tells me that I was similar for my entire childhood!! Great, its payback.. haha