I'm home, wee!

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I'm home, wee!

I may have mentioned in some of my replies that DD and I were traveling to Colorado to visit friends this past week with my best friend and her two daughters. So we leave at 4 AM Tuesday morning and after driving forEVER we only made it to Santa Fe, NM before deciding to call it quits and get a motel room. We got there and it started snowing, so I'm glad we didn't try to make it the rest of the way in to CO, since we would have been driving through a storm. DD and I stated in Castle Rock and Colorado Springs with friends while my best friend traveled to her parents. DD had terrible night terrors almost the whole time we were gone and I had very little sleep.. that part was not fun. On Saturday my best friend picked us up and we went to her parents for Easter.. we left yesterday around 4 and it took us until 10 pm just to get to Alberqureque... then we left at 8 AM this morning and didn't get home until almost 6 PM. When you have one pregnant lady, one on diuretics, a 9 year old, 1 year old and 3 year old, traveling by car is NOT FUN! Ugh... I, am SO GLAD TO BE HOME! My feet swelled up horribly while there (at my 30 week appt the day before we left he warned me to expect it) and they pretty much hurt from the skin being pressed so tight. I cannot wait to go to bed tonight! My DD was very excited to come home and see daddy... he was waiting for us when we pulled up and she was screaming DADDY DADDY DADDY! It was cute. Anyways, next dr's appointment is the 16th and I have my hospital tour the 15th.. I hope my feet/ankles go down!

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You are brave!!!! Welcome home.

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Whew! That's a lot of driving for people who don't travel well! Glad you made it though! I hope you had a good time while you were there. Now... hope you've had a good night's sleep and that your swelling goes down a bit!