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It's a..........


Cora Ann
4:50 pm
10 lbs
20.5 inches

Labor was rough.....VERY differrent experience from my last 2 deliveries! Epidural didn't work and I wasn't prepared for an unmediated birth by any means. I progressed so quickly (from 4-10cm) in 1hr 45 mins so there was no time for them to re-try the epidural. It was a whirlwind. I am group b positive so the antibiotics weren't in long enough so we get to stay at hospital a little longer for them to observe her. She also suffered a broken clavicle from delivery. My poor girl! All in all she is a beautiful, healthy and little (okay BIG!!) girl and is latching on great so far for nursing! Will post more when we are home! Not sure where my big baby came from...last were 6 and 7 lbs! And my dr "guestimated" 7.5 last week...guess he was a little off! :).

Cora Ann

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Oh wow! Well go you for getting through it even when you weren't prepared got it! So sorry to hears out baby girl's broken clavicle- hopefully it all heals quickly! And woah about the surprise 10lb baby!! But hey- you did it!!

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She's beautiful, congratulations! Wow, 10 lbs, good job! Sorry about the broken clavicle though, poor baby. Fast births can be SO intense, but the good thing is they are over fast. But it is a crazy ride while it is happening, that's for sure. You did it though!

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Congrats! Cora is one of my favorite names. Good choice! Smile
And what a big/little baby.

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Congrats! She is beautiful!!! I hear ya on the intense/fast births.....I've had them both ways and the fast ones are harder (IMO.)

Sorry about the clavicle-- hope you both heal quickly.

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You get the big baby award!!!!!!!!!!! She is amazing.....congrats. Hope you both recover quickly.

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I love the name Cora! Sounds like you're a trooper, I couldn't imagine an unmedicated birth. Good job mama, she's lovely. Smile

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Congrats on little Cora! I hope her clavicle heals quickly for you!