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I'm thinking about getting the copper IUD put in. We don't want another child right now, but do want to try in about 2 years.

What do you guys think about it? Any experiences to share?

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I had read almost all good things about it because my cousin asked me to research it for her, but after she had it for 6 months her hair started thinning out. She had it taken out and the doctor told her it could be awhile for the effects to go away. However, I would take that story with a grain of salt. Wink

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My friend has it and likes it the only thing is her periods are a lot worse heavy bleeding and more cramps

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i thought about it too but to be honest nexplanon seemed be alot better. i've had to side effects from it, so if you're interested i can get info. it's real easy to get pg after you have it removed so, around the two year mark i would have it removed. it's good for three years but after six months or this is how it is around where i live most all docs recommending the 6 month wait after its first put in. after that though it wont be a hassle to have it removed

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I had it put in this past Tuesday, the Paragard. Be forewarned.. it HURTS! Haha. I had some cramping after as well. I'll let you know how my period is when it starts again. I chose this because hormones and I don't mix well and it has no effect on future fertility at all.

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Everyone that I know that got a copper IUD had heavier periods.....so just know that is possible.

Friends who have had the hormone IUD's liked them, however, if you get pg with one, it is pretty dangerous and you almost always miscarry. GL with your decision.

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Copper = heavy periods. I had that last time. When we were TTC I had it taken out and got preg in the next monthly cycle tho, so....that part worked!

I will try the hormone one this time and see if it helps with the heavy periods.

Either way, I like not taking a pill.