I've had a few appointments as well

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I've had a few appointments as well

I haven't been updating much, just commenting on other threads. But I had my 28wk and 30 wk appointments.

28 weeks... I completely forgot about needing the rhogam shot. I KNOW I need it, I just didn't realize it was already time for it. Put a damper on my appointment haha. Plus they took 3 vials of blood, and I had to fast for my glucose test. I had so much fun that day lol. Smile I got a good look at the baby though. (We get ultrasounds at every appointment, but insurance is only billed for 2). My daughter Parker looked at the screen and shouted out "Oooo baby brudder, he's right there!" lol Fun fun. Biggrin Doc said he was about 3lbs at that point.

30 weeks... I had to take a nap before my appt. I set my alarm for 2pm (appt is at 2:45pm). A few minutes before 2pm my husband comes in to make sure I'm not late for my appt which proves he knew about the appt, and what time it was at. He was not left in the dark (this is important for later haha).

So I got up, got dressed. I noticed that while I was asleep he put our daughter down for a nap, and wasn't waking her up to get her dressed and ready to go. Instead he went back to messing around on his laptop. So to me, that says "I don't want to go to your doctor's appointment." That's fine, I don't really care. Doesn't bother me.

Now it's 2:35pm and I'm headed out the door, only have 10 minutes to get there. And he says to me, "Oh so you didn't want us to go with you?" I look at him, dumbfounded, and say something like.... Um, why are you asking me this NOW? If you wanted to go you should have put the laptop down and woken the kid up lol.

This is my trucker husband who has not been home for a single OB appt of mine. If he wanted to come so bad I thought he'd make a little bit of EFFORT. Anyway, we have 2 cars so I told him he could meet me there with our daughter. I asked him "do you know where the clinic is located?" "Yes." I texted him the name of the clinic, and the doctor's name in case he had trouble.

And of course, he got lost, and didn't make it to my appt. Biggrin I was seen immediately, and it was quick. MEN ARE DUMB. Smile

Anyway, my baby is breech, which I've known for awhile now. He keeps kicking my crotch and it hurts soooo bad. Doc said he is as straight up and down as he can be. And he is about 3.5lbs which is on target. He is also facing my back, so we could only see the back of his head and one ear on the ultrasound lol. Smile But it was a very cute ear haha.

And hey, I'm not really mad at my husband. I just think he is ridiculous. Biggrin

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That is something mine would do.