jayden ray birth story....fyi long!

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jayden ray birth story....fyi long!

what an incredible journey to this mans little arrival...jayden ray arrived 06-10-2012 sunday at 2;45 am. weighed 5lbs 11 oz and was 19 & a half inches long. jayden came into this world a full term baby, precisely 40 weeks 2 days with all the spunk a baby could give.

jaydens journey to the world started on friday june 8th at midnight. i was scheduled for an induction for what i thought was just having a overdue baby, long behold it turns out his induction was based on a car accident that happened several weeks prior to the big day. no complications came from the accident however my ob told me during this journey the decision was based on the accident and a possible rupture they caused examining me when i had the car accident.

so friday the 8th was a very uneventful kind of day. my family as well as dhs family was pumped for jaydens arrival so we all made a day of it, nested like crazy. my sil, mil and i made a day of it....did a bit of shopping, helped me put some final touches on the babys room as well as make my house more baby friendly. can i tell you they really did try to work this baby out of me, lol but like i said my baby had spunk, he'd arrive on his good ole terms lol.

my side of the family was pumped too, it truly is amazing on the strength i had cuz with everyone blowing up my phone i really didn't get the amount of sleep i wanted going in...looking back i really got aggravated that everyone kept bugging me but glad i had the support of more than i needed.

so with that said midnight rolled around friday, my mil, dh and i all piled into the car to go the hospital and jaydens journey began. we got to the hospital checked in, and all that good jazz. around 12;30 my doctor started me on cervadel. what a weird contraption of induction medicine, a long piece of string that mostly looked like a shoe string, but its purpose serves to ripen a cervix. after i was given this, i was told it would take 12 hours to get the ball rolling...ok, no biggie, could get the sleep i needed. the docs gave me ambien and i called it a night. no objections thusfar.

so the next day, i woke up waited for the next step...i got checked shortly after 1pm. the cervadel being removed and get my cervix checked. by that time i was only dilated to 2.5 and was awaiting the next induction meds. by this time my dad and my stepmom had shown up and really helped me. after getting checked and having some pretty strong contractions i was put on two different pain meds. the first, i couldn't remember the name but it did not even phase me...the second, which was morpeine helped but made me god awful sick. all i remember thinking was feeling like a crackhead with dt's because i had the shakes the whole time, puked even with a sip of water...it was hell. but i managed. so of course contractions got stronger and after the 2 different pain i decided for my own personal pain management. keeping active, got out of bed, go rock myself through the contractions since i was still on the baby monitor. it helped big time. don't know what it was but couldn't lay in that bed. everytime i did it felt like hell. so with the contractions getting pretty regular instead of starting the next induction meds, at 2pm when my doc came in, she broke my water. (didn't even know she broke my water. the contractions were strong enough and with the morpheine making me into linda blair off the exorcist lol i thought it was another cervix check.) i realized though real quick what was going on, cuz it felt so good at the time for my water to finally break. it literally was an expierence to feel my water break. all of the pain i thought i went through, felt better for awhile. can not describe it. anyhow so i asked my doc about the epidural...we discussed my wishes and so about an hr later i received the epidural. not bad, i was scared as can be but honestly looking back, i'm glad i did. everyone kept saying i got one of the better epidurals, because i still could move, just no pain until i delivered. after the epidural i spent some time with family until i konked out and woke up to 10cm.
this is where it gets good, i woke up dh...told him it's time, had my crazy mother calling my room, dh answered...all he could say is hello, and i picked up the phone, slammed it down. i was sick of people trying to smother me. i told him to go get my dad and let the doc know IT WAS TIME. my dad came in i told him it was time, and when the doc came in i told her i felt it was time, and i wanted to push. after checking me and telling me i was at 10, i allowed my stepmom to stay since she was actually there for me and not smothering me, and dh was there too. dh got sick maybe like 10 minutes into it. i told him go get air. and i'd ask for him when we were close since my stepmom was there and she got me in the mindset i needed to be in.
when it came to actually pushing, i started at 2am, and honestly as a ftm i did not know anything about what to do...this process was new to me, i really did try. the docs and nurses coached me through 4 different birthing techniques. the typical way of birth, tug of war, birthing bar and finally squatting while pretty much having whoever on each side of me in a headlock. the tug of war technique was ok but simply was not working. i just could not fathom the whole birthing bar technique, but for some reason, being able to do the squatting position and pretty much choke out the nurses i had on each side worked. my stepmom was coaching me still, (didn't want her to see the ole hoo ha so she faced me and talked me through things) with trying all the different methods i was getting tired, frustrated, was sick from the morpheine, and from where jayden decided to #2 in me before he came out so i told my stepmom go get james (dh). things geared up and once he came in there that was the last bit of support i needed to naturally push jayden out. before he came in i was really did go through hell, had the shakes from the meds they gave me, weak from all the various techniques, pissed everything i was trying wasn't working, i was convinced i couldn't do it but like i said when james came in, he was the strength i needed to finish. when he came in i let one of the nurses free from the choke hold, put james in the choke hold. he jokes about how i choked him out but yet again wanted to show him love at the same time. but it helped, cuz it wasn't even 15 minutes that he came in that jayden was finally out. the only complications jayden had was #2'ing in me before he came out and what dh told me is jayden had his cord around his neck on his way out. makes me glad i didn't look down to see his head. i just wanted to push him out and be done with the pain. i felt everything even with the epidural. with jayden #2ing in me though the nicu people came in, cleaned him really quick then made him cry....but he came out healthy. gave us both antibiotics. his every 12 hours, mine every 2hrs since i had a fever coming out of delivery. i really hated the antibiotics for both of us, especially mine. i had nurses bugging me every 2 hours and i did not sleep good at all. the good through all of that though was jayden was term and got to stay in my room the whole time. i loved that part of it. the only downside but ok is that i had alot of people behind me supporting me...however i felt smothered at times. for something i did not think i had the strength to do, i am amazed i got through it. it truly was an expierence.
my comic relief
-having people tell me to scream then when i do, telling me to literally shut up cuz other women down the hall could hear. lmao, i screamed are you f'ing kidding me-you told me to scream!!!! uggh, let's do this!!! i apologized. i'm almost a little embarrassed to have my 6 week follow up with my doc but i know she understood. so! she was really awesome the whole pregnancy even with the delivery. i know she was stern with me because of the cord situation and the #2jayden did. dh said she knew but did not want to scare me.

-then choking out the nurses and dh...priceless. lol. dh was horrified but supportive. i appologized to the nurses, even though they said it was ok, lol i felt bad....looking back though i think they underestimated my strength. and hope i didn't hurt them but dh still laughs.

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What an adventure! Glad it all worked out and your son is too cute. I know what you mean about the nurses smothering and bothering- ugh.
Enjoy your new family!

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Thanks for sharing your story! Enjoy those newborn moments!

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He is a cutie! Glad you feel good about how it went!

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thanks, i feel like it took forever to write this...like i said i'm glad i got through it. even begging for it to be over, wanted a csection at one point dh got me to where i needed to be and pulled the strength together to get this cutie out. overall something i will wait to do again for a couple more years! lol

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*No one was hurt in the making of this message*

Im glad everyone survived without being choked to death!!!! LOL. And, of course, glad you made it through. Thanks for sharing....

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lol...blushes...we made it through but dh, haha...like i said still jokes about how i choked them all out and how he heard me all the way down the hall. lmao. don't know what it was but having him there the last bit helped. np for sharing, took forever to write but will be cool to glance back at a couple years down the road.

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Congrats on little Jayden!

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Congratulations and WTTW Jayden!