June needs a BFP!

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June needs a BFP!

A poem, for you:

June needs a BFP!
Could it be you?
Or could it be me?
I guess we'll have to wait and see.

There you go. Now I need to clean my house.

(This brought to you by the (obviously) bored house wife! Ha ha!)

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I agree we need some BFP's!!!!!

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Yeah, come on ladies! We've had a few recent BFPs, but all were late May. I think any BFPs we get now would be early June? I think my due date would be June 3 if I get a BFP. Two more days!

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I just love this! Biggrin Wish I was sharing this board just to have fun with you ladies! Yesterday, my oldest son told me he couldn't wait for a new baby. Baby fever in this family!!

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THIS is great! Good luck ladies!!! Smile