Just had my first home appt with my midwife!

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Just had my first home appt with my midwife!

I still love her. We sat and talked for AN HOUR. And then she did a quick exam... baby is still breech, and the midwife is a little concerned that s/he seems to be settling in quite low in my pelvis as well as measuring slightly big. Sigh. I'm going to continue to do inversions, seeing my chiro, and doing the "tilt" maneuver on the ironing board. There is still time of course, but my history is just not favorable. I wish I knew if there was something about the shape of my uterus or something that made my babies go breech. Anyway...like I said, I'll still keep working toward a flip, so we'll see.

Altogether she was here for an hour and a half! It was great! I could have sat and talked for longer- we just have a lot to catch up on since I wasn't with her from the very beginning of my pregnancy. But as it stands, I have another appt on the 23rd with her, and she's going to come to my house again! Home visits don't usually start this early, but, it's because she has another client who must be further along than me who lives just a few streets over, so she just said, if she's coming to see her, she might as well see me too. Yay! I don't mind driving the hour to see her, but, hey, having her come to my house is ridiculously nice. Smile

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That sounds so wonderful, that she spends that much time with you and really gives you great attention and advice. You're sooo lucky! Glad that everything went well. Stinks baby is still breech but hopefully with you doing the chiro and tilts, s/he will flip soon!

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Yeah!!!! I'm glad it's working out so fantastic with the midwife and hope the baby turns for you!

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Yay, Mara! Home visits are awesome, aren't they?

They are even BETTER after baby is here-- my MW comes to the house to do a mama and a newborn check at 1 day, 3 days, 1 week and 2 weeks......LOVE not having to pack up a newborn and take baby anywhere....it is truly divine.

My MW spends a full hour with me at each appointment. I love that. We do urine, weight, and chat about all sorts of things-- physical, emotional, etc. We always listen to baby, do BP, heartrate and she palpates position.....I just love seeing my MW. I miss it when I'm all done being pg (it is nice to have a hour every few weeks focused on ME and not on the kids or work or anything else....)

I hope your sweet babe decides to flip. I doubt your MW does versions.....:wink:

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You know what? She actually DOES versions! Or, she has before. But, she seems nervous about this baby getting too big. She said she won't do it if it's painful for me (my last one was ANYTHING BUT painful). So who knows. I guess we'll see. For now I am doing the forward inversions (the ones that spinningbabies recommends for all pregnant women to do daily), and then next week I'll start doing the ironing board upside down thing... I'm trying to find balance in informing myself on breech birth and just focusing on the fact that this baby can and will flip on its own/with my encouragement.

I am looking forward to the post partum visits as well. Smile My only thing is that I know the peds office I took Beni to INSISTED on seeing Beni at 3 days (the day after we came home from the hospital) otherwise they wouldn't accept her as a patient. So I'm not sure what to do about that. I guess maybe if I just call them at like 2 weeks and say I want to schedule an appt for my newborn, and play the "oops, we were both getting care from my midwife and I assumed that would be ok!" card...maybe they'll accept that?

But you know what is awesome? She asked if I had any plans for the placenta. I told her I encapsulated my last one, and would really like to do it again this time, but that cost was an issue for me (which is true). So my dad was in the room, and he's a hunter and he definitely "does" meat, so he was like, "what do we need to do? We can do it!" And then there was talk of needing a dehydrator (because doing it in the oven isn't an option because of the smell and my step-mom), and my dad was like, "I've been looking for a reason to buy one!" And then my midwife, was like, "If you have all the equipment, we'll take care of it for you." Did I mention she's awesome? Smile

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sounds great! Good luck with getting the baby to flip!

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Pretty cool! How nice that she's coming to you!

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Glad you had a good appointment! I miss my midwife and wish we lived in the same state still :(.
Let's just hope and pray your little baby dcides to flip- there's still time!

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Very cool about the version and encapsulation.....

I've never encapsulated my placenta. I always take the "wait and see" approach.....so we put my placenta in the freezer for a while and if I feel like I "need" it, we can take it out and dry it. And if not....it stays there a while. LOL. After Lexi we planted it under a tree about 5 months later.....and with Miles we eventually just pitched it (though I think you're not supposed to do that.....oops!)

Love my daily versions, though they do give me heartburn. Hope that bean decides to flip!