Kong is head down!!!

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Kong is head down!!!

My old midwife who works at the hospital snuck me in after hours and gave me a quick ultrasound on a very old machine. Black and white fuzz, but we could see the outline of the very round head way down and then legs and stuff way up. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's really all there is to say about that! Yahoo

Also, midwives, and the relationships they forge with their patients are AWESOME! I mean... this lady isn't even my provider anymore!!! I can't get over how awesome she is.

Now, what should I send her as a thank you???

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Chocolate! Congratulations!!!! So happy for you. Smile

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so happy for you!!!! That is great news! Gift certificate for a something she would love!

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Yahoo!!!! I'm so glad for you and baby! I'd give her flowers- my gift of choice Smile

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Wonderful news!!

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Yay!!!!! That's great news!

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awesome news!!!

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Yay, Mara! I'm so glad that Kong is head down. One less thing to worry about!

I do love the relationship I have w my MW-- it is hard to articulate but it is so unlike any OB relationship I've forged. I think the difference is the amount of time we spend with MW's. By the time this babe is born, I will have spent nearly 20 hours with my MW just in prenatal visits......just this pregnancy. It is amazing to me.