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L&D tour

I toured Labor and Delivery where I'll be giving birth at our county hospital. It's SO nice! I'm used to military hospitals which do the job, but are mostly functional and don't worry about "environment". The birthing suites at this county hospital have wood floor, calm colored walls, two windows (!!) private bathrooms (!!) and a jetted tub to labor in if I want to. Also there is carpet in this hospital! I'm amazed Smile
Anyway now we know where to go when I've started my labor. I feel great about it and met a L&D nurse who is also the lactation specialist. She's great and friendly and I look forward to working with her after giving birth.

Happy Easter, by the way!

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sounds great! I know you feel soo much better when you see the place where the delivery will take place and you are comfortable with the set up! I LOVE our set up too! Private rooms for labor, birth, and post partum....you stay in the same room the whole time...it even has a balcony! Your baby NEVER leaves unless you ask for it to be taken out and it really looks like a hotel room more than a hospital! Congrats on a great tour!

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That sounds great! So glad you're happy about it all!

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There is a nearby hospital that does the labor, delivery and post-partum all in one LARGE and PRIVATE room. The rooms also have a bathtub (no jets though), but it's not covered on my insurance lol. I mean, I'd have to pay 40% vs my expected 20% and it's a big difference.

My covered hospital has you labor and deliver in one room, then they move you to a post-partum wing. It's a newer, more modern hospital, so it has some nice perks. The rooms are also private, but they're REALLY SMALL compared to the other hospital lol. Oh and no bath tub. Just a shower.

SOME rooms have labor tubs... a nice jacuzzi, with doors so you can get in and out easily. But there are only a certain number of them - they're not in every room. I hope I can nab one though. Biggrin I had an induction last time so I wasn't allowed to use them.

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Awesome! I have my tour this coming Sunday, hope I like it as much as you liked yours!